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The story of Computerline

Computerline, founded in 2000, is an enterprise with a wealth of experience, a good image and an abundance of skill. The company offers Cloud and IP Services, is present in more than 40 datacentres, and operates 10Gbps+ and IPv6 compatible Internet Backbones. Computerline’s most important internet junctions are in various datacentres in Zürich, Geneva, Amsterdam, and in several Asian locations through Computerline (Hong Kong) Ltd.
Computerline GmbH is proud to look back on several years of successful business and is excited about a promising future.


At the start of the year, a project began called “Computerline”. At this time, Computerline was engaged in PC support and small installation work. The person behind it all was Erich Troxler from Schlierbach, aged 13.


On 14.01.2002, the company “Computerline-troxler” was officially registered in the Swiss Commerce Register. Owner and manager was Erich Troxler from Schlierbach, now 15.


The Webhosting brand “Serverline” was successfully introduced as a supplementary product.


On 12.11.2004, the company “Computerline-troxler” became “Computerline GmbH” located in Schlierbach.


The important Swiss Hosting Provider “Nethour” was taken over by Computerline.


Since the beginning of 2006, Computerline, as well as its Nethour subsidiary, had become registered brand names of Computerline GmbH, Schlierbach.


The strength of Computerline’s Internet and Hosting products was boosted by the introduction of Hosted Exchange 2007.


At the beginning of 2009, a spacious, new second office was opened in Zurich, opening the doors to a bright future.


Computerline’s presence in Amsterdam’s first datacenter allowed strong growth in the company’s international activities.


The office in Schlierbach became too small, so Computerline opened another in Sursee in canton Lucerne. In addition, the product range was widened with an online backup service.


Computerline (Hong Kong) Ltd, founded in April 2013, became Computerline’s foothold in Asia.