CL ¦ IaaS
KMU Netzwerke
KMU Netzwerke

Server Hosting – CL ¦ IaaS Infrastructure as a Service

We provide virtual datacenters to anyone who wants their own service. Just rent the resources you require and upgrade or extend as needed. Choose from a range of processors, RAM size and disc space. The obvious advantage is that you don’t have to worry about hardware management, but can focus your time and effort on the software of the virtual machine. Your virtual datacenter is hosted on a high-availability platform running VMWare, guaranteeing minimal down times. The IaaS datacenter environment is available Zürich, Geneva, Amsterdam and Hong Kong.

  • Minimal investment costs because hardware purchase is unnecessary
  • Time-saving as the Platform is available for immediate use
  • Availability is immediate and without complicated installation
  • Flexibility in terms of resources that can be added to suit needs
  • High-availability Infrastructures in datacenters in Zürich, Geneva, Amsterdam and Hong Kong

Further combinations are available. Contact us and we’ll gladly give you a quotation for a system that suits your needs and budget.