DDoS Mitigation
KMU Netzwerke
KMU Netzwerke

DDoS Protection and Mitigation

DDoS-Attacks are getting bigger and more well-engineered. Thanks to our DDoS Mitigation attacks to your Web-Applications, Website or Online-Shop can be specifically neutralized and downtimes minimized.

As the digital fingerprint of your users is beeing analyzed in the 1-2 week learning phase, our DDoS Mitigation is able to detect malicious traffic with the highest precision.

  • No additional hardware or changes on your infrastructure
  • Minimize downtime caused by DDoS Attacks
  • Operational after 1-2 weeks of learning phase
  • Globally distributed high-bandwidth filtering network
  • Reliable protection against DDoS-Attacks in Layer 3, 4-7
  • Possible from 20Mbps bandwith (Clean Traffic)


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