IP Transit & IP Access
KMU Netzwerke
KMU Netzwerke

In various Swiss datacenters and business units we offer IP Transit and IP Access. Our IP Backbone is characterized by fast routing, guaranteed bandwidth, best latency times and both national and international peering.

In several international datacenters, such as Equinix Zürich, Interoute Zürich or Equinix Amsterdam, we can set up IP Transit or IP Access within 24 hours at an extremely competitive price.


Obtain BGP IP Transit for your own datacenter infrastructure from us. Whether it’s for secondary or main partner use, it’s efficient, low-cost, and of high-performance. We can also assist you in the installation of your AS or anything concerning RIPE.


Stably connect your business center, cabinets or offices through our highly performant IP Access.

Managed Router and Network

If you are lacking the necessary know-how on how to administer your Core-Router, we can do this for you or even rent out a router as service. We can help you with BGP, OSPF and other network configuration.


IP Transit via BGP4 (Border Gateway Protocol), IP Access via static routes, redundant feeds on request with or without VRRP(-E).
IPv4 und IPv6 no surcharge.

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