Cloud Backup
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Cloud Backup
Save your data online in our datacenter
  • Quick and easy
  • Fully automatic
  • Encrypted

The backup infrastructure is in highly secure and highly available datacenters in Zurich amd Geneva. Both datacenters have 24/7 onsite security staff and are secured by biometric scanning. Data is replicated in both datacenters for added piece of mind.

Your data is encrypted in storage and during transfer. So that your internet bandwidth is not too heavily overloaded, only new and changed files are uploaded. This allows you to secure high amounts of data using a small bandwidth.

Cloud Backup Home

The solution for private back-ups of notebooks, PCs and MACs. Simple access, operation and highest security.

Supported are Microsoft Windows, Mac, In-File Delta, Open File, Retention, Multi-Threading, Outlook backup.

Cloud Backup Business

Your data is your capital. Our Managed Backup Service enables the saving of data in IT infrastructures, servers and databanks with maximum protection. As well as an automatic backup, our Network Operations Center monitors and manages your backup history.

Supported are Microsoft Windows Server, Mac Server, Linux, Microsoft Exchange Database Level and DAG, MS SQL Server, Oracle Database, MySQL, Lotus Domino / Notes, Windows System Backup Integration, Windows System State Backup, VMWare (ESX&ESXi) (Additional license required), Microsoft Hyper-V (Additional license required), Microsoft Exchange Mailbox Level (Additional license required), In-File Delta, Open File, Offline Copies, Retention, etc.

Free Trial Edition

You can download and install a free 30-days trial edition to backup to one of our datacenters in Zurich, Switzerland or Hong Kong. See also at our datacenter overview.

Please feel free to Contact us for the free trial.