Managed Server
KMU Netzwerke
KMU Netzwerke

Managed Server Hosting
Administration and Monitoring
Our Service Range
  • Complete system monitoring & support
  • Infrastructure and application management
  • System und Server Beratung
  • 24h Hotline Support
  • Assistance for your own in-house support
  • Monitoring: SCI (Server Control Interface)
  • Webhosting Automation: HCI (Hosting Control Interface)
Maintenance and Care

We are certified for Microsoft, VMWare and Open-Source systems. Even if your IT infrastructure has mixed environments, we can provide high-quality care and maintenance. Moreover, it doesn’t matter if the infrastructure is a simple web server, a web platform, a terminal server, an ERP system, a VPN network, a databank system or a complex integrated system.

Central Dashboard

Server systems require trend-analysis, early warnings and rapid action in emergencies. Computerline uses its own Server Control Interface, which is continuously developed to meet latest technological advances. For the customer it is an ideal utility, providing server information, monitoring, support requests, emergency tickets and various server tools.

This tool is available to customers at

Our Hosting Control Interface for Webhosting

For Webhosting we have developed our own unique tool, which simplifies the administration and monitoring of web servers enormously. It also allows the hassle-free addition of new domains and services.

  • Complete Webserver Monitoring
  • Domain, Mail and FTP Management
  • Databank Administration
  • Various access levels such as reseller or customer
  • Fully automatic updates
  • Easy backup and recovery
  • Centralised control of several Webservers
  • Reseller und Whitelabel compatible
Additional Monitoring Services

Today, if a server fails unexpectedly, operational down-times are unavoidable. Therefore, comprehensive event management, proactive monitoring, alerts, trend-analysis, and reporting are not only recommended, they are essential.

Managed Backup / Geo-Redundant

Fully-automatic backup, geo-redundant storage and encryption in a high-end security datacenter. Completely managed and monitored by the Computerline Network Operation Centre (NOC).